Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer


Wow, you guys have been busy since I last checked in, we still up here so it was a bugger to miss you milli, s/s did you get the 7gillers in the spot you took us too and the cray too? bugger you didn’t get to keep it. Well done the rest of you guys. Nice to see a report from Nelson, no more snapper yet, round in the Keneperu sound now, something had a good run on my line last night , felt like a snapper but took me to ground and bust me off. Taken the kids fishing yesterday and today, Kahawai small and the old Spottie, bit of fun for them, I’m about to go out now and have one last crack at the snapps before he adding home tomorrow, fingers crossed, cheers, hipp

Home now, no more action last night, was hard leaving an awsome spot today,called in to the slipway at havlock on my way home to eat yet another of the awsome mussell pies on offer at the cafe,and have one last look, before finishing the drive home….back to Canterbury fishing now,any Eleies left boys?, cheers, Hipp