Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer

shark slayer

scarpees and sea perch are two different species..that is the mistake everyone makes..the difference is subtle but discernable..alot of people will also tell you the spikes on them are toxic wich is also bulls#hit..i reckon they are just as good to eat as blue cod..they also have another cousin the scorpionfish but they are much easier to distinguish…wrong names for fish irritate me because as a kid i wanted to be a marine bioligist and read many a book on fish bioligy and behaviors…one person starts a rumour or wrongly names a fish and then it catches on…any how cheers for the advice on the jigs…hey hipp i got your pm..i sent you a txt hopefully you got it..i have decided not to go to the sounds because the weather is shit and i have to many things i want to do first..i think i will try for a snapper later in the year maybe march good luck tho hipp we await tall tales and big fish…here is this mornings moki caught on mussel…