Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer


just returned from a trip to the kaikoura region, started at conway on thursday night with a few small schoolies and doggys around then it went dead, well into dark i landed a small ele and rig and a mate got two rig, also got snapped off by something of very large size and swimming very fast, no way i were stopping it,
Got up friday morning and headed to kaikoura, stopped at oaro on the way as they were huge kahawai schools out there, though out of casting distance,
Carried onto kaikoura where we fished the wharf most of the day getting a mixed bag of moki 3 legal 4 undersize ,wrasse kept a few to give a try, pretty tasteless ,mullet,kahawai,mackeral,tarakihi, then we headed to south bay for an evening fish as north was very weedy , south bay i got some mullet another small moki and loads of small red cod, woke up this morning and the others went for a kayak fish where they got some blues and wrasse, i fished whale watch and picked up 3 schoolies one was about 9 lb the other 12lb and one would be 40-50lb , the rest of the day consisted of a few carpet sharks few congers couple doggys amd skate, annd a few more moki, went back to the wharf where i got more spotties tarakihi and a small moki, was very quiet and had a funny feeling something was hanging around the n we spotted a small ray maybe 30kg swimming on the surface trying to get a wrasse we filleted, also got a small undersize, (1cm undersize) butterfish,

Was an enjoyable weekend , not huge numbers of fish but hey shit happens