Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer

shark slayer

i thought you were giving me shit mili..didnt realise you can actually get water proof cellphones haha..must invest in one once i have wrecked this one…rays bream are an awesome fish..i see you got some last year going to kaikoura i the yak??how far out do you go and do you jig them or bait fish for them..they hang out in schools sort of mid water and are pretty aggressive..want to catch my first one this year..went out for a moki this evening..they were on the bite strait away..caught a small casted wich was hard in the wind..had a big bow in my line and started getting hits..wound up the slack till i could feel the breakout sinker..ingaged the baitrunner an went to sit down..just as i did this the rod buckled hard over like someone who just got kicked in the balls..i ran to the rod and just as i got to it line started pouring off the reel..i should have let it run a bit but in my excitement i engaged the drag early..i was hooked up but i felt the fin spines rub against the braid and then my heart sunk as i felt it go pop….FU55FU&&FUC$ BUGGER BUGGER the feel of the fish it was easily over 10lb..i was gutted but i only have myself to blame..i knew i should have put a nylon leader on the end of my braid..i will do that tonight and head back out in the morning..i definitely have moki fever now!!