Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer


My other setup is 12lb mono ….fished that for the last 25years …used braid last night ….
Yup , elmo got the ele …on a prawn/crab combo I think ….maybe it was prawn/tuatua .

Croozer lost an ele …I think they were the only two out there last night lol …

The rods croozer uses are VERY flexible ….he “might” have been a little over zealous with the striking – I will explain later …..but hey , he did catch 6 of the rig …but in saying that , if we all used fresh crab on all rods the whole time we were there I’m sure we could have caught 2-3 dozen of the things
Some of you probably dont realise it , but croozer worked in Aussie for many years as a commercial fisherman , hand lines and rods – no nets ….so he does have some experience …
In hindsite , the fish werent exactly on the bite last night ……especially early on in the evening Croozer got way more hits than us for various reasons ….
Most of all tho , and after thinking about it a little , croozer was right , they were mouthing the baits ..chewing maybe but not eating as they normally do ….
The rigs he was using had little crimps on the trace line , with hooks on a sliding rig running between the crimps ….this may have allowed the fish to chew and move a little without the resistance of sinker/line …
In summary , maybe the fish were in timid mode and his setup was superior to ours , and the fish simply didnt have the hook inside their mouths properly before he struck ….a little more patience needed before striking may have proved far more effective than a softer strike …
Ive fished twice off beaches with him now , and he uses some radical setups that Ive never seen , especially at Kaikoura …..very effectively I must add …I can see me learning a lot off the Aussie …..geeze that thought irks me lol