Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer

shark slayer

haha..have seen heaps of people fishing like that at bayleys walk access..also trying to fight fish with the rod still in the holder..there is no need to strike at all if you have your shit setup right..and if you do its just a small lift of the tip or even just the tension from winding up the slack and lifting the tip to wind will do the trick..i use bait runners so the second drag setting sets the hook although they normally set on the hit with the tension of the breakout sinker.yes hipp my technological gifts to the fish seem to be working…went down for a light line sesh yesterday but the onshore wind meant i lacked the distance i wanted so just had a couple casts with the surf rod..a 14lb male rig and 7lb ele were tamed..who caught the ele ffp??im just using 10lb braid a 4000d baitrunner and a 8ft shimano sephia for my light setup..still want a reasonable chance of not busting off..and with 10lb braid you can still fish reasonable surf…and then just a 100lb trace..strayline it out..