Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer


I so hope the bloody torpedo guys dont get onto the paua bait …..kinda funny the camera tho lol ….bugga

How lite are you going to go ?
I often use a telescopic spinning rod with 2lb 8 lb casting leader helps tho ..
The paua is essential , you dont want rig , Ive spent 45 min landing them on that gear when Ive been stuck using crab …

Once the surf if around 1 foot , using that lite gear is pretty easy

It sounds insane going that lite …Ive been busted off twice in 10 years ..once I snapped off on purpose after about 45min due to boredom and the fact it was a rig …the other was on 20lb+ schoolies at Pendarves one evening …snapped it setting the hook too vigorously in excitement ….that was an insane evening tho , the buggers were tail walking on the heavier gear …scaring the bejesus out of the Yanks who’d been swimming just along from us – air con issues on the plane that was meant to take them to Antartica so they went sight seeing ….. they saw a sight that they probably wish they hadnt …. didnt help that I told them these fish were the babies lmao

I’m still waiting to go 10/1 on the lite line …..