Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer


I posted a link some 6 posts above ……if you register “free” you get 7 days ahead ….

I poo poo’ed the whole thing for many years but it just keeps proving itself …..

Gotta remember tho , even bad fishing is better than no fishing ….especially if the wife isnt there to nag lol

Good effort Piermaster …I had a whole pilchard out on 1 rod hoping the daughter could catch Jaws …was the bait the ele was caught on ….missed 1 good strike on the same bait tho , it delaminated the steel trace some 3 inches above the bait , so whatever it was “assuming it took the whole bait into its mouth” was a decent size …

Did you notice that murky water drifting into the beach down your end ? …