Reply To: Latest Catches


Went to a salty location again yesterday and caught several school sharks, one keeper and to big red cod released. Hooked up on a big shark (rig,schoolshark? dontknow) that surfaced when it took the bait and the headed for wellington managed to turn it and gain some line but it was only on a nylon trace so couldnt put to much pressure on the result i thought it broke through but found the bugger managed to spit the hookv it was large when i seen it break the surface (id say it was easily over 10kgs and took a prawn bait). Then a while later had something pick up a spottie and alsmost take my rod withit, it drop it and then tookit again while i had my back turned, but managed break/bite off the leader line above my trace- bugger!

There were surprisingly no spinys caught for three hours fishing just schoolys and a few red cod. So i looks like the fishing is hot and should be from now through to mid march.