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Snapper are a fluke anywhere south of the Sounds on the east coast.

Slight chance of a kingfish or a Salmon. Albacore tuna might venture close to shore. Fishing always manages to surprise me.

Albacore Tuna

These speedsters of the sea put in a regular appearance at Kaikoura from Christmas through to just after Easter weekend. Some years they come quite close in to Kaikoura Peninsula while other years anglers and commercial fishermen report that the schools are at least 20 miles or more offshore.
Albacore are caught by trolling at about 8 knots with a variety of lures. The most common of these are rubber skirts over lead heads. The treble hooks used are similar in size to that used for salmon at around 1/0.

Catching albacore involves attracting them to your boat by making plenty of
commotion by trolling at least half a dozen lures at once. Teasers are also a good idea. The tuna often take the lures right in close to your prop wash! So it is a good idea to spread you lures both far back and up close to the stern. Once a school has shown interest you can then catch them on cast lures as well.

This species are tremendous fighters for their size. Sport anglers from Christchurch have taken record fish on light lines chasing albacore at Kaikoura.