Reply To: Forum surfcasting trip to Kaikouria?


Thanks for that.

I know exactly where you mean by the Parikawa three fords area. That looks like a very promising spot. I guess you get into the habit of always going to the same places. To my knowledge they are no camping grounds around Kekerengu. During the holidays I would usually stay at Goose Bay so it is a long hike up to Parikawa. You really need to camp there for a day or two to give it a decent fish.

I’ve fished in some out-of-the-way places on the West Coast. The further south you go towards Haast the better the fishing gets. I suspect it is because these isolated areas see very little fishing pressure. In some places I’ve hooked good fish after fish – all day! There are almost certainly some great hot-spots for surfcasting on the Kaikoura Coast that are little known other than by a few locals.

Staying at Goose Bay my sons and