Reply To: Was fishing in the Kenepuru…


I’ve caught a big ray before and these were definately not rays…But I also went out on friday night, very quiet but hooked into another big big fish (about 1am)..this time I think it could have been a snapper. The first hit was so fast and powerfull, picked up the line and dropped it, then it went on another run. Could feel the fishes head shaking franticaly to get the hook out of its mouth,but again hte fish prooved far to powerfull for my 25lb line and busted me off when it went under the boat..(couldnt get it back no matter how hard I tried!) so I’m definately buying some braid! I’ve gotta see what these fish are! In the morning we caught a tiny baby snapper (size of my hand) on a bait jig, so thats a good sign for sure.