Reply To: Pier Restriction


I received a reply from the chair of the board that decided on the ban times, I am sure she won’t mind it being posted here so that her side of the argument is expressed:

[b:1hywz301]From:[/b:1hywz301] Burt, Glenda []
[b:1hywz301]Sent:[/b:1hywz301] Tuesday, 25 September 2007 2:36 p.m.
[b:1hywz301]To:[/b:1hywz301] Danny Reed
[b:1hywz301]Cc:[/b:1hywz301] Moore, Garry (Mayor); Aitken, Michael; Parfitt, Jane; Holder, Kay; Carmen Hammond; Caroline Kellaway (Home); Evans, Carole; Lomax, Tina; Rowlands, Don; Sheriff, Gail
[b:1hywz301]Subject:[/b:1hywz301] RE: The pier fishing ban – Suggestions for the future, and why it’s an embarrassment for the council.