Reply To: “The Canterbury Mullet Championships”

Jones Jr.

First entry into the champs! (NOTE, I’m changing the dates from July 1st 2007 through till June 30th 2008 to be more in line with the mullet season).

Caught at the Kaiapoi river on 8th September 2007. Pics as follows.


Length = 32cm


Perspective shot next to 600ml Coke Bottle.


Weighing in at = 307grams / 0.67 pounds.

I’d like to see what a 1kg mullet looks like!

Jones Jr.

P.S. Possible taking this too seriously but blow it, haha!

Edit: Looking at my scale correctly have managed to squeeze out a tiny little bit more weight! LOL. :) It messures from the bottom of the little thing there.