Reply To: Latest Catches

Jones Jr.

Good catches there HookLineSinker! Hopefully the fish are coming back from the winter cold.

Me and Greg had a good time visiting the mouth of the Waimak and the Kaiapoi river today catching mullet. I didn’t really believe this catching mullet on 2/0 hooks etc, and these huge mullet. However, I think I’ve changed my mind after todays trip. When I first arrived at the Waimak what do I see but Greg pulling in a nice sized mullet and he caught it on a 3/0 hook intended for Kaiwhai! LOL. Who would’ve thought eh! I didn’t get anything at the mouth of the Waimak so we went to the Kaiapoi.

I got 3 nice big mullet, heaps enough for bait. Got my biggest mullet to date to! It wasn’t a 1kg monster but it was big! Will enter it in the mullet chanps to kick things off. One of the mullet I caught was on a 2/0 black magic hook! LOL.

And as Greg said he got a fresh water cray surprisingly, tucked inside a bottle his hook got caught into when he was winding his line in.


Nice mullet caught on 2/0 black magic hook, it hooked onto the fish exactly as you see here.


My big mullet! Next to a 600ml Coke Bottle. I caught this one on a smaller more typical sprat sized hook.


Greg’s freshwater cray on top of a bucket lid. Greg also got alot of mullet today.

I always seem to make an essay out of each fishing trip, oh well. Something to do eh? :) LOL

Jones Jr.