Reply To: Forum surfcasting trip to Kaikouria?


Yeah, pretty much as soon as we bought it in we cut under the gills and bled it. Afterwards chopped the head off and put it in a chillibin, wasn’t very chilly however would’ve kept it from getting warmer one hoped. When I got back to the camping ground we stayed in I put it in the camp freezer wrapped in a plastic bag to minimise mess.

The next day just put it in the chillibin and let it slowly thaw on the way back to Chch. Got home that evening and fillited it. I recommend if you catch a nice sized one you try have a go cooking it, my Dad cooked it up and it was great tasting. He got to it before I had a chance! LOL.

One thing in the Kaiwhai they look like they’ve got two lateral lines, the one running along the top once you’ve taken the fillet off the backbone isn’t one so there are no bones and no need to cut it out. Just the standard lateral line running along the centre is there which you cut out. It’s just practise with filleting, I got a plate full of meat off it. With better practise I’m sure I’ll get more.