Reply To: Who are you guys??


Good idea.

1) Whats your real name:- Aaron

2) How old are you:- Just turned 22

3) Which city are you from:- Christchurch

4) Are you a resident in NZ:- Born and raised ChCh

5) What do you do for a crust:- Am a weather forecaster, would like to move onto something else at some point tho I spose. We’ll see.

6) Hobbies:- Fishing!, Weather (mainly thunderstorms and things that go with it), chasing thunderstorms, hummers, tramping, photography, ten-pin bowling, electronics, home theatre, diy, etc etc……

7) How long have you been interested in Fishing:- Since I was 4 or 5 years old, can remember catching my first spottie! With a family not interested in fishing it was hard to get out at times however, finally freedom with the car etc and can do it when I want. However now I have work to contend with! ARghh! Wish I had the success of yourself Dan when I was younger getting the amount of fish you have in the short time you’ve been doing it!

8.) What got you interested:- As above, watching Gone Fishing, and reading fishing books.

9) What aspect of fishing interests you:- I like the aspect that alot of things when fishing I don’t have to think, no stress….and being out with mates. Catching fish is awesome to and never knowing what you’ve got on the line!

10) What is it that you like about this forum:- There’s alot of local people here which is great, good to hear reports from close to home. Everyone seems fairly casual and good minded (if that makes any sense?). I would however like to catch more snapper! LOL.