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Before buying FluroCarbon to spool your reel with. I suggest reading this comparison.


Part 2

[quote:29ju3jzq] Have we burst the fluorocarbon bubble? Perhaps so, perhaps not. What we have shown for certain is that fluorocarbon isn’t perfect, but then again, what fishing line, or product is? More importantly, we’ve shown not all fluorocarbon lines are created equal. Some, like the Seaguar Invisx actually have very good knot strength, but this same line has terrible stretch performance. Others, like Sunline Shooter FC is great against stretch, but faired poorly in our knot strength test. Our invisibility tests were inconclusive and the strain results were troubling. We say enough with the lab. It’s time to take these tests to the next level and experience both the good and the bad of fluorocarbon on the water to see what the true redeeming qualities of these individual products might be. Certainly, not all fluorocarbons are created equal, but we’re now prepared to go out and discover which versions, if any, are worth the expense.