Reply To: Latest Catches


I like to buy all of my stuff in Bulk. In saying that I often get a bit worried in ‘buying bulk’ when I do not know the quality of the equipment. For that reason I normally avoid the very cheap ‘hooks’ which often appear on Trademe or in the warehouse (although I believe 1 of the brands of the warehouse hooks are a relabeling of a top US brand). I generally stick to brands I know are good like VMC, Owner, Mustard or Gamakatsu. Recently I manage to get bulk VMC hooks for dirt cheap which I am pleased about.

Found them in Rebel sports.
It was a pack which contained roughly.
30 circle 10/0 hooks
30 classic 10/0 hooks
15 24kg snap swiels.

all for less then $10. I brought both packs they had in stock. A similar quality hook normally costs around $0.60 each.

I own way to many hooks and other assorted tackle now that I think about it but I would slowly use it, but I would add to my collection faster then I would use it.