Reply To: Latest Catches


I went to Pak n’ Save (Westfield Riccarton) this evening to do some shopping and low and behold heaps of mullet for sale. Nice sized yellow eyed mullet, so got 2kg at $14. Should last me 4 or 5 fishing trips.

I don’t think the super markets would sell mullet very often (the description they actually had was “herrings”) but perhaps it was a by catch in a trawl so they are selling them etc?

Getting 2kg of mullet makes me wounder what the heck a singular 2kg mullet must actually look like, they must be huge! Even just a 1kg mullet, that’s massive! You got any pics guys of these big mullets?

Atleast fears of no mullet have been set aside for now! lol.

Nice catch there Booger with that carpet shark, your one up on me. I’ve never caught anything at birdlings flat, but I’ve hardley been there. Should try get out and do some surfcasting more often, just gotta buy a new surfcaster!