Reply To: Southland surfcasting and rock fishing?


Hi re10,

I have caught blue moki aboard the Takaroa II in Foveaux Strait – there are plenty there
. They are also caught by land based anglers during the big Stabi Craft Fishing Tournament held out of Bluff each year. You have a very good chance of catching a blue moki from the rocks. You need to find a good ledge preferably with deep water in front of it. Many of these spots have a lot of kelp in front of them so you need a bit of reconnaissance to find the really good spots. You might ask at the local tackle store if they can send you in the right direction. I know of one at Bluff. You have to follow the track to the right past the famous road sign in the carpark!
You can also catch trumpeter there as well. You need clear water for trumpeter and moki. They don’t like it when the sea is rough.