Reply To: Super Kobras

Many anglers make “improvements” to their trout fishing lures. They just can’t bring themselves to fish with it “straight out of the packet.” I must admit to suffering from this affliction myself. The Tillins Cobras that I use for both casting and trolling are a good example of this need to fiddle with the product.
Many anglers, me included, do away with the brass through wire and treble supplied with the lure. The next step is to replace the treble with a chemically sharpened shingle. I feel certain that this change alone improves the hook-up rate. A further improvement is to attach the single hook to a split-ring. Then a small swivel can also be added to prevent line twist.
You can if you prefer tie the line directly to the hook. In this case a small plastic bead is placed on the line first to prevent the eye of the hook getting stuck in the lure.
These improvements add extra life to the Cobra, and allow the lure to slide down the line out of the way when a trout is hooked.
If these improvements still don’t do it for you the next step is to dress the single hook either to match or contrast with the lure. In this guise the single is known as a teaser!