Re: Whitebaiting 2012 ?


Holy smoke …..walked around a bit of NB road with the polaroids on today ….5-6lb of bait milling around the outlet of HS Lake …. and continual shoals joining them …
3 eels 5-6lb easy sitting sunning themselves …then I saw a couple of trout , not big – maybe 1-1/2 lb , then I saw the rest of them , it was a shoal of mullet , huge suckers …

The bait were all over the place ….
Thinking back 30yrs , the best day I ever saw , it was thicker than that …… and it’s quite likely just an average day this season ….

I heard on the weekend of guys filling buckets with the stuff up in town …..and a 100mtr shoal cruising up the river ….

I had a dungout a month ago , the neighbour has a large pile of scrap metal that I added to lol ….Id dumped my old pole net on it as I never use it , but after what I saw last week , I grabbed it back …..might be using it next year …..going to be wicked …….