Re: Spam Hijackers

Fishy Bishy

You just have to act like an administrator and be on top of it.
As soon as these clowns are regisietred, they need to be removed.
Have a look at the member list sometime and see how many are still there that have not been removed.
Hell! If I advertised freely on here I’d be banned immediately!
IP addresses are visible so can be banned, keywords can be entered to eliminate further attempts being successful etc etc.
This forum has a high tech programme supporting it with gazillions of tools to stop this crap, all I ask is the admin team activate some of those tools, or add another moderator who can edit the member list as needed.
I have offered several times, but no response unfortunately.
Lately, less fishing or not, the members are posting less on here, probably due to the topics being buried in SPAM!
Sad that those in control allow the lifeblood to be squeezed out of the forum. Time to clean up!