Re: Soft Baiting for Salmon


OK been out today in the Kaiapoi, trying some soft baiting. No salmon caught where I was fishing. Tried 3 inch dragon paddle tail soft bait and some Berkley 3.5 inch paddle tail. The dragons where the best for life-like action. Tried canal style drifting; slow retrieve; slow retrieve jig; faster retrieve jig. The canal style drift felt the best but I’m not sure which I should be concentrating my time on doing more of. Are the paddle tails the way to go? I’ve been using the salt water Berkley jigs in 1/12 oz in size 2 hooks. Seem good to get a drift going and not hit the bottom. I’m going to catch my next salmon on a soft bait, so any help to make this happen would be bloody awesome. It won’t be through lack of trying! I use a small trout set up and 10 lb braid.