Re: Salt water flyfishing


That would have been Tony Orman you were down there with last night. Saw him down there this morning (stopped for a nosey but no fish on the way to work)and he described you perfectly :D . If you’re heading down and would like some company give me a call
Had a crack around 3 o’clock yesterday avo got a few 1.5 kg fish and 2 over 3 kg on the north bank (1 on the first cast!!). Vineyard workers were a bit of a pain, had a go at some of the for littering, but they learnt to stand clear after a couple of close calls.
Have been having most success with a pattern tied up using marabou or the tail with a few strands of crystal flash, body of holo dubbing in silver, wing of bucktal and uv cystal flash, holo eyes with epoxied head in sizes 6 – 2 on black magic SWF hooks. Have also found small poppers particularly succesful. Most of the larger fish I have caught this year have been caught on size 2 hooks