Re: Salmon Season 2013 – 2014


a lot of volunteer work needs to be done if there are to be more fish in the spawning streams as our rivers do not have large areas to spawn in and though a lot of work is going into protecting what we have there are problems outside of f&g control that can have a detrimental effect on numbers. large numbers of fish spawning don’t necessarily mean a greater return. in 95-96 season 23,000 fish spawned in rakaia- the largest number ever, 3years later there was 1 of the poorest runs ever. they have similar results in the northern pacific when trying to boost runs so much so in some rivers they monitor returns daily and adjust catch rates ,if too many you can take as many as you like. it is a complex problem but supplementing the run as is now happening is proving to have a positive affect but as I said before it relies on volunteer help and in some cases donations for certain projects to continue to improve. it is a complex problem the simple one is a lot more cash is needed to sort it out but lifting licence fees to a level to fund it would be very detrimental as it has been in the past if you can get it past the government.