Re: Latest Catches


Yeah baitman the pt strikes again lol, I don’t compress them mate, and I also use windows movie maker. The process can take an age to upload but as you say the quality is superior, I just start the upload in the evenings before bed, get up in the morning and wallah it’s all done and dusted! one thing I will say is that the specialised mounted cams such as the go-pro etc don’t appear to give as good a quality picture as say a handy-cam.The trade off with the Panasonic I use is that you look like a right rooster with it stuck on your head lol, and it has limit of one hour battery life at most, this rules out continuous filming and results in many strikes being missed. So I have my cam filming when I’m fishing to a fish, or when my gut tells me there’s a good chance one will hit….how long is your battery life mate?