Re: Latest Catches


Caught a great condition brown in the clutha river, 2.5lbs, funny; the lure and place that I caught it escape me now… :wink:
Perfect for sight seeing, saw tonnes of other fish, though none [as far as i could judge] were above 3lbs, well none that i saw……. only god knows whats down in those big deep pools in the wilderness :shock: …..

One thing that really f***s me off is that I left my fish in some running water too keep it cool, and fresh, and when i brough it home and gutted it, it smelled of ammonia/urine, needless to say I didn’t eat it, that really sucks…. :evil:

Got him on a Cobra with a green kiwi teaser, i really like the extra bit of action it gives the cobra, and i lost both the cobra and the teaser on the next cast, because the line tangled around my rod tip :roll: