Re: Latest Catches


Left some of my gear down where I was fishing [tomahawk lagoon] went back to get it found it to be a brilliant night, spotted about 6-7 2-3lb trout
swimming about [without polaroids on] didn’t even bother targeting a specific one so many of them around. within about 5-6 casts I had a 2.5lb fish on my line, landed and released it

Rainbow trout, 2.5 lbs
Fly/Lure: Black bead headed wooly bugger
Dusk, Calm, 17 degrees, flies flying about but only midget fish rising.

Great night for fishing could probably have caught more, but had to leave beacuse the rellies [relatives] are up from down south, and we were having Dinner.

Oh and the irony of that is i got up at 5:00 in the morning got down there, stayed there till 11:00 and didn’t even get a bite!