Re: Latest Catches


Beautiful day, utterly calm, fish rising everywhere, got a 3 and a half pound perch, a 2.25lb rainbow trout and lost an estimated 2.5lb trout, all caught on bead-headed wooly bugger, my mate caught 4 rainbow trout all about 2-2.5lbs and all on coch-y-bondhu dry fly.
All in all great day, plus my first fish on the fly rod, this is my second fly-fishing outin, got the hang of casting now, so its all go :)
Overcast, mild, completely calm, insects hatching.

Again all caught on Tomhawk Lagoon,

Will be heading down South this friday, so im gonna give the waiau a go on the fly rod, last time I was there, there were tonnes of fish but all feeding on flies and just wouldnt take my lure, there were so many fish in the stretch of water I was fishing I foul hooked 3 trout…. or the same trout 3 times :roll: