Re: land based game fishing canterbury


Today I fished a couple of the Timaru breakwaters. At first I fished straight LBG and straylined a berley trail for zero bites. No mullet in berley. Not one. Switched to squid baits on the bottom and caught about ten spiny dogfish and a large carpet shark about 1 metre long and very wide. Saw one mullet in berley entire day. Went to put a dogfish out as a livebait but it swam under a rock and snagged up my livebait rig while i was tying on the balloon so I wasn’t impressed. Saw a dolphin and a large rat. I was thinking the rat would make a good live bait for a short time. Had dogfish eat baits almost as big as they were. Only the carpet shark put up any sort of a fight and even that wasn’t great. Fishing got best at dark but I had to leave. Wasn’t as good as I’d hoped considering the tide and sea was spot on with a nice lumpy high tide near dusk. When do the seven gill sharks come in?