Re: Kontiki in the Canterbury area


I had a longline period early in my fishing career lol …….your wasting your time off most of our beaches ….and doing yourself out of the fun of catching good fish on a rod …..

Sure , maybe at spencers park if you send some crab baits out 400-500 mtrs you should catch a few rig ….
But on most of our beaches the fish sit withen 50mtrs of the breaking wave …..Pendarves or Baileys you can catch a heap on a good day with a rod …
Put in the effort to fish the first 3 hours of daylight , or the last 3 hrs …you will be rewarded …..

Now the west coast is a different kettle of fish , snapper and gurnard would be worth targeting , and them suckers will be a km out …….same as the north island beaches , thats why kites etc are so popular up there …….