Re: Good News


The board is recommending to the council that fishing is allowed during the hours they banned it last summer, but instead of spending $25k on a guard to turn fishermen away they are recommending that the money is spent on a part-time pier warden who may also receive MAF accreditation. They want to enforce one line per person, where the line is a rod, hand-line, or lightweight crab-pot.
It was worthwhile for a few of us to put forward an argument against the ban, otherwise the board could’ve easily kept the ban. After our approach, the board asked the council to prepare a response, and Rodney Chambers, the head ranger, saw how stupid it was to spend money on banning people when you could spend it on policing them.
The next summer will be a trial of these new rules, assuming that the council approve the recommendation of the board, and the funding is made available for a warden. There is a council meeting on July 10th where this will be raised.