Re: Gears needed for salmon fishing.


You don’t need a 4wd for salmon fishing mate nor a permit to use one, you DO need a fishing license which can be purchased online through North canterbury or central south island fish and game, tackle stores also sell these. If I were you, I’d fish the mouth of the waimakariri river north of christchurch as it is peak run on the mak late feb-mid march, and there is generally plenty of fish caught at this time. 42g green and silver ticers or 28g silver or white zed spinners are hard to beat imo, all our local outfitters stock these here in Canterbury. The beauty of the waimak mouth is that access is so easy,plenty of fish are taken, the technique needed to be successful isn’t as precise as say the rakaia or rangitata other words it suits the beginner! check out the 2009/10 and 2010/11 salmon forums on here to learn more :idea: I’m not sure about the accommodation mate..somebody else may be of help!!