Re: fishing

Fishy Bishy

Ideally, you would need a standup game rod with a 15 to 24kg rating for that. A 50lb fish for example, a Groper (Hapuka) requires strength throughout the rod with a forgiving tip section, a gimble nock on the bottom of the rod for belt and harness and a strong reel seat, preferably aluminium.
When buying a rod, it really does pay to ask the retailer, stockist, seller, for a rod suited, in this case to handle a “50lb fish”.
The rod you have may well handle a 50lber but is ideally suited to fish of much less weight and strength.
You mention you are going to fish in the “ocean”, just, what ocean are you considering for your fishing outing?
And finally, a fish is the same weight in or out of the water, but is bouyant so easier to lift when below the surface.