Re: Eels


in a little creek where i live are huge eels, everyday i would go down and feed them my food scraps, sometimes even just prepare a meal for them, one day while waiting for the sound of the swishing tail coming up the creek a little eel came swimming along and started to feed on the food i just chucked in, i was wondering if my pet eel had a baby, then swish swish i could hear it coming along, such a huge creature in shallow water, wow i thought i will watch these eels feeding together but guess what happened, that big huge eel munched on the little eel much to my horror, he didnt need to it there was a whole chicken to share, then it began to eat the chicken,i told my family about it, my brother reckons thats why that eel lived soo long cos hes been eating everything that comes up or down the stream, the smaller eels dont have much of a chance to survive.
Well i decided to catch that eel and feed at least 10 people i know that loved smoked eels. I was a little sad when i was told that eel was 60 to 80yrs old judging by the size of it, but then when i think about that younger eel getting snuffed out im thinking theres more eels can live in that creek now and not just 0ne.