Re: DIY Rigs


Got a couple of the bait clip sinkers from Hunting & Fishing, they only had them in 6oz. I think I got my 5oz breakout sinkers from Palmetto on trademe. Had bead things for the breakout legs that I don’t like, they come out to easily so I have to put a rubber band around it. Also the main wire in the sinker goes all rusty and bends like crazy, on one of my sinkers it ended up snapping off so I couldn’t use it anymore.

On the subject of sinkers, I’ve been looking for a mould for a good price, only see one 5oz one on trademe, and have looked at the Gemini ones which are ajustable but I’m not sure. Where can you get moulds for the normal BOS sinkers that are sold in most shops, ones that don’t need beads and other crap on them.