Re: Distance Casting Rapalas


………………. :shock: All the wasted years of using heavy lures to cast ……… braid is awesome for casting a wee rapala any distance i can cast a 4-5 gram about with braid about as far as i can cast a cobra or tasmanian devil on mono, but it IS expensive so i tie about 50m of braid onto a reel early full with mono with a “double uni-knot” or any other not for joining lines of differant diameter.

But also rapalas are EXPENSIVE aswell so instead of using rapalas [i only have 1 left all others have been lost] I tend to favour the “Storm” hard bodied floating lures which are just as good and i have found to be very succesful. But a light swivel is nessacery [the lightest you can get] for it to keep its action.

Some people may call this sacrilege to even contemplate using any variant of a rapala and, good on you for sticking to your guns and keep buying them
But I don know about you but i havnt got a limitless pocket…. [ i wish…]

Braid good….. :twisted: