Re: Amberley Beach Surfcasting Contest


Amberly was HOT today , a shame the fishing wasnt the same .

About a dozen mullet ( many misnamed as kahawai ) were caught , along with a couple of skate .
There was talk of a red cod caught , but I missed it if it was called at prize giving….it would have been third , tho I suspect the rumour was a bastardised Chinese whisper about the second place skate of just under 700mms caught first cast of the day … winning skate was just off 900mm and caught just after 2pm …
Nothing worse than being in the lead for 6hrs + to lose out at the death …but that’s fishing (edited to add , I almost feel sorry for the poor guy who ended up second lol )

It doesn’t help when the organisers drop burley 300-400 mtrs off the beach at the start of the comp ….instead of handing it to fishers at the start to use at their discretion ….probably didn’t make a scrap of difference as the beach is so bare , allowing the crabs to run riot