Re: 2013 sping/summer surf catches.


went to baleys after work on Wednesday got there about 5.45pm the sea was quite dirty and a bit one rod in the water and was baiting up the other when the first rod bent over after a short fight had a rig landed,in the next hour I caught 2 more rig all about 90cm long not big but still a good fish,also had 2 other bites by 7.15pm.. I had no bites for about 1/2 hr and it was as windy as hell so came home.. got up early on Saturday morning and went back out to baleys got there about 6.45am and started fishing with in a few minutes got a nice bite and landed a rig, 1/2 hr later got other one one was 1100 and the other 1000 they but up a good fight and with the waves they took a while to land. think I would of got more fish on Saturday but only had three crabs so they were eaten up quickly nothing on the prawn that I had..went and got some crabs on Saturday afternoon at the pirer got 43, went there on firday night but got nothing don’t think I had the right bite so went and got some chicken frames and got then Saturday so a good couple of fishing days