Re: 2013 sping/summer surf catches.

shark slayer

thought you had been a bit quite beameer..4 13lbers..damn! hope you put a couple back..i got carried away last year and kept 20 for the season wich is pretty disgusting..mainly because i had the previous season off due to injury and i gwnt a bit carried away..this year i will limit myself and wont target them as much..apart from the fact that you shouldnt take many because of there spawning cycle i also hate killing them because they are just so damn cool and radical looking! i get guilt trips everytime i take one haha maybe im soft..anyway went out last night..just on dark i got hit but no hookup..uh oh its gonna be another one of those nights..but then a short while later i got smashed and the line went slaak..quickly wound it up fast and then felt the weght come on.. fuck yea! then my mates rod went over and we were both hooked up..i had an epic battle probably the best ele fight i have ever had..mine went 15lb my mates was 13..i tried to release mine as i hate taking big cows but she was to far gone after the big fight and had to be kept..we had a few more hits and my mate landed another around 9lb wich was released before calling it a night.