Re: 2013 sping/summer surf catches.

shark slayer

first of all the problem is not with commercial fishing its with the unsustainable dirty and illegal way theyare doing it..second,petrol,fishing gear,boats motors trailers,bait,clothing,vehicles,cameras,charter boats ,fishing charters,accomadation,outdoor gear,tv shows,dvds,magazines,tourism etc etc are all money makers generated by rec fishing with a healthy fishery.trawling is not sustainable and has j long history of destroying fisheries..have you tried getting a feed of red cod from the beaches at birdlings and soth of there over winter?you cant because the tra lwers have wiped them out..many other species have been depleted or wipf ov but i cant even be bothered writing a massive post pointing out everything wrong with what you have written.trawling in close avoids bycatch?sorry man but that is the stupidest thing i have ever heard.longlining is a sustainable method with little impact on the environmdnt as i said earlier.if trawling continues it will end up like your country ollie not even worth beach fishing wich is exactly what it is like after they have swept through,nothing there until the next batch of fish move in,but one day there wont be that next wave of fish to move in.didnt you get involved with the anti snapper bag limit cut on facebook?why would you care if the snapper limit for recs got cut and coms didnt?that AINT THAT BAD is it?