Re: 2013 sping/summer surf catches.

shark slayer

you know those days w[code][/code]hen you go down in perfect conditions and catch nothing all day because tqawlers have swept in close that is now called a dave peirce haha.seriously tho thanks for the bullshit pill mate but i wont be swallowing it especially not washed down with coffee yuk!although looks like others have..i wrote a big post assaulting your dribble but fucked it up because i am doing it from my phone and i cant be bothered doing it again..anyway goma start a thread for reporting trawler activity and may take it to the media once enough photos etc are on thereyou wouldnt mind that would you dave being as there is tnothing to find..awhat the fuck are you doing on this forum anyway?checking to see if anyone is noticing your shitty practises