Re: 2013 sping/summer surf catches.


thanks dave pearce, a point i made in earlier posts…………..

quote”but all I can say is follow the processes and if there is wrong doing they will get prosecuted.”

guys, in any industry there are plenty of good folks and some bad eggs, the fishing industry is no much as i defend our right to catch a feed, i believe the comms have a right too and they have to pay for theirs so i’m not convinced they’d all be running round breaking rules and risking the livelihood they payed for! ……however,if you believe illegal activity is happening. don’t hesitate, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!! take as many details as you possibly can and get on the blower to m/fish (0800476224) …if they bother to act!! then i’m sure the truth, either way, will come out. even if no crime is committed word will soon get out (if it already hasn’t)that people are watching!… seems a lot of folks are happy to sit behind a pc pouring fuel on the fire, but essentially doing nothing positive!