Re: 2012 surf catches Spring/summer

shark slayer

good stuff boys..thats a nice kahawai on light gear..would have been fun..that rig looks around the 17-18lb mark there hls very nice..well my big plans almost came through today..went for an early moki at 5am but after an hour and a half and only a small moki caught i thought fuck this and went to town to stock up on home and fell asleep for 2 hours wich kinda ruined my plans for the day..but still went to my kingfish spot i found a week or so there at 4pm after a long and hot some burley happening then started attempting to catch my livie…but the mullet were shy because of the gulls in the burley trail and it took ages to hook one..wich i lost..fuck..then lost a second..double fuck.then they moved out of casting range so i tried catching a moki or wrasse for a live bait..i succeeded but they were to big so i decided to try the mullet again..just as i went to do this i looked down and saw a school of baitfish go past..they were not mullet though they looke like mackerel..they were tucked right into the rocks and looked spooked..then a nice kingi around the 14-20lb mark came mooching in after swam around the area were my livebait would have been if i had one..fuck..panic stations i quickly tied on a rapala x rap and tried that but the fish had already moved on or was not interested..screw lures anyway live baits are where it is at off the rocks…so i now wish i had of spent the week chasing them instead of driving my dad around in my boat to go diving so he didnt sulk haha..tommorrow i will be properly prepared and ready to rock and roll..i am going to live on those rocks untill i get one..i have a good felling about tommorrow and the adrenaline is pumping…