Reply To: dorie beach great fishing

Hi Dorie Beach Fisherman. Where abouts are you based? I think Dorie beach is only a 20 minute drive from where I am. Have you fished Wakanui beach before? Just wondering if they are much the same or not. Sometimes Wakanui can be quite rough and you really need some distance there. Also do you see anyone catching Herring from the beach? Last year I had one good day when the water was really clear and flat, and I just casted out a sabiki type rig as far as I could and reeled it in and managed to get a few mullet. Just wondering because I used the last of my bait at Wakanui last night to all the dogfish.

The only thing that annoys me about beaches like Wakanui is the amount of Dogfish there are. But I do know there is some good size school sharks around the area, and i’ve heard of Sevengillers. If the sea is calm enough over the next few weeks I might have a try there and see whats around. Tomorow I plan on going down to Timaru to stock up on more herring off the wharf and probably a few red cod to.