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[b:x7fdrtih][user=1243]Shark_Tale[/user] wrote: [/b:x7fdrtih][quote:x7fdrtih]Whats peoples thoughts about tackle to [i:x7fdrtih]tackle[/i:x7fdrtih] sharks?? Im looking at getting a new reel, line weight etc


Well it depends on where you are fishing from. If you are fishing from a rough beach where its not possible to use a livebait then a rod of around 12ft rated to 40 or 50lb would suit medium sized sharks. MiliWolf covered most of the spinning reels that could be used for medium shark fishing. I think that the Penn 9500 or the newer model are the best for medium sized sharks. I prefer mono to braid but if you are fishing with a spinning reel sometimes you are going to need the extra line capacity that braid offers.

Personally i would use an overhead reel as for bigger sharks you are going to need that extra line capacity and strenth. Some good choices are:

The Penn 555 and Daiwa 50HV – Both of these reels combine great castability with a line capacity that is more than most spinning reels

Penn Senator 113HLW 4/0 – Holds 450 yards of 40lb line

If you are going to be fishing from a wharf or a calm beach and have access to a kayak then you are open to alot more possibilities. If you want to have a go at kayaking some baits out you are going to need bigger reels and heavier rods. Some of the most commonly used reels for land based shark fishing are:

Penn Senator 6/0, 6/0 wide, 9/0

If you are really serious about shark fishing you could go with a Penn 12/0, 14/0, 16/0. The 16/0 is what was used in the attempt to catch jaws in the movie. If you are using reels as big as these you will need a rod rated to 24kg or 37kg.

For all sharks you will need to use steel cable. For smaller sharks you will only need a couple of meters of cable but for bigger sharks i would use 5 meters of Plastic coated steel cable connected to a few meters of heavy mono if it was being kayaked out. It’s harder to make castable leaders for shark fishing since they can only be a certain lenth before they are too hard to cast.

For a castable leader you are going to need: 6 -7 ft. piece of 250# coated steel, 1 – 300 – 500lb swivel, 1 – 300 – 500lb snap swivel,