RTB Legend Lure – Bibbed minnow for trout trolling and spinning

RTB Legend Lure
RTD Legend Lure

RTB Legend Lure

Available in Minnow 5 cms which is a shallow runner diving down to about 1.5 metres (5 feet) and Minnow Shad 7 grams which is a deep runner down to about 3 metres 10 feet). They look the same except the Minnow shad has a larger polycarbonate bib so it dives quite a bit deeper. There are 12 colours in the range. Length 60 mm. They also feature an internal sonic rattle.

RTB Legend lures are another Australian creation. The name RTB is the initials of their manufacturer Ray Broughton.

RTB Legends are individually tank-tested and tuned for optimum performance. These lures can be cast with light lines – under 6 lb monofilament – but are inclined to tangle. You can get around this with a bit of practice. Try more of a lobbing action rather than a quick flick. You won’t be able to cast them any great distance but that isn’t really necessary if casting from a drifting boat.

When they hit the surface they float. When you begin to retrieve they dive quite deeply. You can use this knowledge to your advantage. When you are winding towards an underwater obstruction simple stop winding and the lure will rise to the surface.

RTB Legend brown trout pattern.
RTB Legend lure in the brown trout pattern.

The action is a rapid shimmer which imitates a wounded baitfish. It certainly gets the attention of the trout and triggers powerful strikes from both rainbows and browns.

The RTB Legends are excellent trolled from a boat but it is important to keep your speed right down. The best technique is to lower the lure over the side and watch its action as you adjust your boat speed with slight alterations on the throttle. When it looks just right let the lure drop back behind the boat by letting out line. If your boat speed is about right you will see a constant pulsing action at the rod tip.

Testing has shown that the brighter coloured fluorescent pattern “rainbow trout” coloured RTB Legend Minnow works the best in overcast dull conditions. While the more subdued colour scheme of the “brown trout” generated more strikes in brighter sunlit conditions.

Overall these lures are excellent trout takers and it is well worth you keeping a few in your arsenal.