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Tillins Cobra – Trout Fishing Lures from Australia – a New Zealand favourite

Tillins Cobra is a favourite New Zealand trout lure especially for trolling on lakes

Tillins Cobra lures

Tillin’s have manufactured Cobras in Tasmania, Australia, since the 1950s. Tillin’s make three different types of trout lure” the Cobra (5cm), the King Cobra (6cm), and the slightly larger Cobra (8cm). The later larger lure is mostly fished as a trolling lure behind a boat. The big 8cm Cobra is also used by anglers up-river as a salmon lure. Salmon have even been taken on pink Cobras!

Tillins Coba lures brocure.

Tillins Cobra Lures Brochure pdf. Please note we at do not sell Tillins Cobra Lures. Please contact a tackle store to find a stockist.

The Cobra is made from high impact plastic. The aqua foil wings, which give the lure that very enticing stop-start swimming action, are clear plastic. My favourite colours are the Traffic Light (no.63) and the Gold and Black spots (no.5). Though many anglers, of course, have their own ideas. The bronze coloured number 9 has also been used to good effect on Opening Day in the Kaiapoi River, near Christchurch.

The Tillin’s Cobras are the only aqua foil lures of their kind that are made complete with eyes. Many anglers believe that eyes are a very important feature on any fishing lure because the eyes help to trigger a strike from a hungry predatory trout!

Another tactic sometimes employed both by spin anglers and when trolling Cobras is to replace the hook with a brightly coloured fly! When lake trolling for trout I strongly recommend you use a single hook. 

Here is a short video about aqua foil trout lures including the Tillin’s Cobra.

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